3 Is Better than 1

When I started this blog I just wanted a place i could release all my naughty thoughts or secrets. And it slowly began to turn into some sort of diary. And lately I feel like I have been slacking, mostly because I am just not that naughty anymore *halo appears over head*… so I thought I would invite my two closest girlfriends as writers, and revamp the blog completely. So dearest readers, MissCandy is now The Pink Journals 🙂 Brought to you by me (Candy), Solange (lala), and Alicia (Ali). Hopefully you will hear from them soon for their official intros. And in true fashion of most girl talk there will probably be a lot of mention on sex, men, love and all the nitty gritty stuff that comes in between that (other than wine).

with love,



About The Pink Journals

We are women who love love, and have way too many opinions on just about everything.
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One Response to 3 Is Better than 1

  1. mik1999 says:

    nothing like a threesome…

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